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About Us

Profession Pursuit, LLC. is an online employment search engine that connects career seeker to professional jobs. Employers post open vacant positions and search for qualified candidates. Profession Pursuit also partners with third-party websites to help fill vacant positions with relevant career seekers.

Mission Statement

Our mission to provide a platform where employer and career seekers can collaborate to provide economic growth in there local community.


Our vision is to help provide a platform of opportunity, which empowers others to achieve their future careers while supporting innovation idea for the future.


  • Transparency - We are committed to keeping our prices open and honest to our consumers, by providing no hidden fees and upfront prices.
  • Commitment - We are committed to providing our stakeholders with the best service possible, by adding value through third partner websites, social media,  and advertisers to get the word out about your jobs. 

  • Loyalty - We are devoted to providing a strong quality support to our consumer by using our platform to seek the best opportunities available to our job seekers, and their future careers.
  • Trust- We operate with integrity to provide a brand that you can trust.  We show our trust by establishing a meaningful relationship with our employers and developing future growth in local communities through the provision of jobs.   



Profession Pursuit is a BBB Accredited Employment Agency in Dallas, TX